County of Colusa

The County of Colusa, nestled in the heart of the Sacramento Valley approximately 60 miles north of Sacramento and 100 miles northeast of the San Francisco Bay Area, is a vibrant community rich in history and tradition and, offering a wonderful environment in which to live, work and play.  The County, with approximately 22,000 residents, includes two incorporated cities; Colusa, which is the county seat, and Williams.  The local economy is largely agriculturally based producing crops valued at more than $900 million each year and exporting farm commodities throughout the United States and to about seventy countries worldwide. 

County government business is still conducted within the antebellum court house which was built in 1861 and has operated continuously ever since. The County’s    annual General Fund budget is roughly $28 million; the total budget is about $78 million.  The workforce is comprised of  approximately 350 full-time equivalent positions that are assigned to five represented bargaining units. 

Colusa County also offers many diverse outdoor recreational opportunities and is considered to be a sportsman’s paradise. The Sacramento River meanders through the County.  Portions of five national protected areas are located within the county: Butte Sink Wildlife Refuge; Colusa National Wildlife Refuge; Delevan National Wildlife Refuge; Mendocino National Forest and; Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. Recreational opportunities such as hiking, bird watching, camping and water sports abound. The Sacramento River and local lakes, offer world class fishing



9 job(s) at County of Colusa

County of Colusa Colusa, CA
May 18, 2020
Full Time
RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Coordinate and administer the Library Literacy Programs: Adult Literacy, Family Literacy and Mobile Literacy. Prepare, develop and implement literacy program guidelines, procedures and manuals. Prepare and submit a variety of reports on the Literacy Programs. Prepare and submit required applications/grants to various agencies for continuation and enhancement of program funding. Ensure appropriate program monitoring, evaluation, disbursement of funds and fiscal control. Ensure timely submission of all federal, state and other agency reports. Coordinate, develop and implement fundraising efforts, community events and recognition programs. Conduct community needs assessments via surveys and focus meetings. Establish and work with the Literacy Council in coordinating fundraising activities and establishing goals for the Literacy Program. Meet goals necessary for the recruitment of adults and volunteer tutors. Establish and liaison with the Literacy Council and referral agencies. Collect and analyze data on existing programs. Conduct surveys and prepare proposals to meet established goals and objectives. Prepare public relations materials. Recruit and match adult learners and volunteer tutors. Participate in tutor workshops, in-service training and special events. Perform related duties as assigned.
County of Colusa Colusa, CA, USA
May 13, 2020
Full Time
RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: Plan, prioritize, assign, supervise and review the work of correctional staff responsible for providing jail services within the sheriff’s office. Recommend and assist in the implementation of goals and objectives, establish schedules and methods for the jail services division. Implement policies and procedures affecting jail operations. Evaluate jail operations and activities of assigned responsibilities; recommend improvements and modifications; prepare various reports on operations and activities. Provide or coordinate staff training; work with employees to correct deficiencies; implement discipline procedures. Answer questions and provide information to the public; investigate complaints and recommend corrective action as necessary to resolve complaints. Supervise the care, custody and control of jail inmates; supervise the maintenance of the jail. Train jail staff in officer safety tactics. Assist detectives in follow-up jail investigations; conduct investigations including the gathering of evidence, questioning of witnesses, and identifying suspects; submit investigation reports to the sergeant(s) assigned to the jail. Perform all correctional duties; maintain board of corrections requirements, administer first aid; transport prisoners. Performs related duties as required.
County of Colusa Colusa, CA, USA
May 07, 2020
Full Time
RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: Performs financial analysis and prepares recommendations relating to the status of various fund balance projections, financial transactions, and related financial activities; analyzes findings and prepares recommendations for department management. Assists in budget preparation, proper expenditure coding, document preparation, and other financial-related activities; monitors budget for various units and projects. Assists in the financial and accounting oversight, monitoring, and management of contracts, grants, and other funding/expenditure sources. Performs professional analytical and technical work in the formulation and administration of department or division budgets, development and management of grants and contracts, and management of department level procurement. Compiles and analyzes data and makes recommendations on the financial implications of policy and procedures and staffing and organizational changes. Conducts surveys and performs research and statistical analysis. Participates and assists in the design, implementation, and installation of new and revised financial programs, systems, software, procedures, methods of operation, and forms. Assists in the coordination of departmental financial activities with other departments, divisions, units, and with outside agencies; represents the department in committee meetings; responds to requests for information. Reviews regulatory materials for program impact; possible review and revision of current systems and procedures. Maintain proficiency with state and federal funding and associated mandates. Performs related duties as assigned.    
County of Colusa Colusa County Health & Human, East Webster Street, Colusa, CA, USA
Apr 30, 2020
Full Time
RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: Levels I and II : Coordinate and schedule clinic activities; order appropriate supplies, medications, vaccines, and health education materials. Stay abreast of new trends and innovations in the field of nursing. Participate in the activities and services of county clinics; identify health care needs through physical assessments of patients; assess development level, and nutritional requirements of children and infants; refer to other programs or agencies when appropriate. Teach and counsel individuals, families, and groups on specific diseases or health conditions, health maintenance, promotion and prevention, or rehabilitation; provide information on health services available to County residents; refer to other health care providers as appropriate. Perform routine immunizations and vaccines; administer medications; dispense oral contraceptives and prescriptions as required. Prepare health care plans for children; provide instruction to parents on child health care methods and techniques. Investigate reported cases of child abuse or neglect; notify law enforcement and protective services; provide counseling to parents and refer to appropriate resources. Investigate and monitor cases of communicable disease or exposure to toxic substances; obtain specimens and interpret laboratory reports; determine sources to prevent spread of infection or contamination. Maintain records of activities and operations. Level III: In addition to the responsibilities and duties listed above for Public Health Nurse I and II: Plan, prioritize, assign, supervise and review the work of staff involved in health clinic activities; coordinate and provide staff training. Prepare and review a variety of reports related to the program including State and local agency reports, billing, and screening reports. Lead, coordinate, and schedule clinic activities; order appropriate supplies, medications, vaccines, and health education materials. Attend and participate in professional group meetings. All Levels: Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned.
County of Colusa Colusa, CA, USA
Apr 21, 2020
Full Time
RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: Construct and repair bridges, culverts and drain pipes; inspect bridges and culverts; form, pour and finish concrete; install guard rails. Perform minor repairs on equipment and report the need for major repairs; check and adjust fluid level; change oil; grease and lubricate moving parts as required. Prune trees and brush; operate boom truck, chipper machine and chain saws; clean and maintain roadside; clean ditches and culverts. Prepare mix for patching roads, overlays and shoulders; spread asphalt and asphalt base in patching, repairing and reconstructing roads, overlays and shoulders. Perform additional construction and maintenance tasks including concrete work; oil spreading; building fences; jack-hammering and a variety of repair activities. Clean, maintain and operate power tools, welder and other tools. Install temporary construction signs; direct and control traffic around work sites. Operate heavy power-driven equipment on a relief training basis. Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.
County of Colusa Colusa County Public Works Dept., Market Street, Colusa, CA, USA
Apr 03, 2020
Full Time
THE IDEAL CANDIDATE The ideal candidate for the Assistant Director of Public Works position will have knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of civil engineering, and in administrative management including budgeting, financial management, effective employee supervision and training. Emphasis is placed on overall skill in planning and implementation of policies and procedures while assuring compliance with Department goals and objectives.
County of Colusa Colusa County Sheriff's Office, Bridge Street, Colusa, CA, USA
Mar 17, 2020
Full Time
RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: Receive incoming calls from the public requesting public safety or emergency service; monitor calls for various fire departments within the county; dispatch law enforcement and emergency response units as necessary; relay information and assistance requests; maintain radio contact with units in the field; relay traffic to and from other stations or agencies as required; monitor alarms and report activity as necessary. Use teletype computer terminal to record, modify and retrieve data including missing and wanted persons, stolen and recovered property, driver license and vehicle registration information; make CLETS and AMIS inquiries as required. Record, type, and file records and other reports and materials including complaints, declarations, fingerprint cards and index cards on bookings, warrants, citations and crime reports; purge case files, warrants and bookings as necessary. Prepare, process and file civil papers including court summons, complaints, notices, claims, orders and subpoenas. Sort, file, copy and distribute crime reports, domestic violence reports, traffic reports, citations, civil papers and petitions to the appropriate departments including the District Attorney, Probation Office, and the Court. Receive applications for various permits including gun registration; fingerprint the public needing fingerprints for licenses and employment; collect fees for services. Assist Department staff and the public in person and by phone; mail reports requested by outside agencies; provide general information regarding Department activities, policies, and procedures. Receive, open and distribute incoming mail to appropriate staff, departments and prisoners; collect and disburse all outgoing mail from various divisions. Monitor the jail for emergency and security problems. Perform related duties as required. PLEASE NOTE: A written exam will be administered to determine the candidate’s aptitude for work in dispatching. Per POST requirements, applicants may only test once every 30 days for this exam. If you have tested anytime within the last 12 months and wish to use such T-Score, please include with your application packet a copy of the official score letter from the agency you tested with.
County of Colusa Colusa County Auditor, Jay Street, Colusa, CA, USA
Mar 06, 2020
Full Time
RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: Evaluate the property tax computer system’s function for accuracy and productivity. Responsible for the day to day management of the property tax section in the Auditor-Controller Office; develop and implement goals, objectives, policies, and procedures. Direct, oversee, and participate in the development of the property tax section work plan; assign work activities, projects and programs; monitor work flow; review and evaluate work products, methods, and procedures. Recommend the appointment of personnel and evaluate performance of employees in the property tax section; maintain discipline and high standards necessary for the efficient and professional operation of the Auditor- Controller Office. Build and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers, other County employees, and the public using principles of good customer service. Represent the Office to outside agencies, organizations and committees; provide technical assistance as necessary. Research and prepare technical and administrative reports; prepare written correspondence. Conduct audits, prepare Annual Reports of Financial Transactions, and assist in budget preparation for the County’s Special Districts. Review and analyze accounting and financial documents to ensure accuracy of information and calculations and make correcting entries; examine supporting documentation to establish proper authorization and conformance with contracts and other agreements, policies and appropriate regulations. Maintain a working knowledge of the Revenue and Taxation Code and the Government Code, and analyze new and proposed legislation to determine the impact to the office. Plan, organize, and oversee the Indirect Cost Allocation Plan; prepare all necessary reports and journal entries; perform cost and/or rate studies and analyze cost factors. Conduct a monthly audit of the cash activity of the County Treasurer. Supervise the County’s bank check clearing account functions, including stop payment process on County checks, reconcile the clearing account bank records, purge stale dated checks, and audit of the County’s record keeping. Monitor the preparation of various department State expenditure claims and prepare the records for the resulting financial activity impacting the County. Answer questions and provide information to the public; assist auditors as needed; investigate complaints and implement corrective action as necessary to resolve conflict. Supervise and coordinate the procedures for the purchase of the Tax Revenue Anticipate Note including preparing documentation. Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.
County of Colusa Stonyford, CA, USA
Mar 04, 2020
Part Time
RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES Important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following: Serve at the circulation desk; check books in and out of the library and issue library cards. Identify overdue materials; process notices as required; collect, record and account for payment of fines. Answer routine informational questions; maintain a variety of clerical files. Receive and sort through materials donated to the library. Assist in processing new materials for circulation purposes. Assist library users with questions and technology of computers. Review reference collection periodically; read shelves to ensure that books are in order; weed collection as needed. Prepare library exhibits and displays; conduct library tours; perform simple reference work and administer children's services. May be assigned to assist in the general operation of a branch library; supervise branch library operations. Maintain cleanliness of equipment and work station. Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.