Sheriff's Rescue Paramedic - Extra-Help

  • Sonoma County, CA
  • Santa Rosa, California
  • May 01, 2019
Variable Shift Fire and EMS Public Safety
  • Salary: $30.51 - $37.09 Hourly

Job Description

Position Information

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Office Now Hiring
Multiple Extra-HelpRescue Paramedics!

Starting salary up to $37.09/Hour
(Salary is negotiable commensurate with experience, salary history, and requirements.)

Sheriff's Rescue Paramedics perform a full-range of Advanced Life Support emergency medical and rescue activities, including:
  • Assessing injuries and transporting the sick or injured
  • Aerial rescues
  • Aero medical evacuations
  • Airborne fire suppression
The Sheriff's Rescue Paramedic is a highly-technical, civilian, non-sworn position assigned to the Helicopter, Tactical, SWAT, and/or other Units of the Sheriff's Office as needed. They are expected to performat a high level of independence and under minimal supervision. Sheriff's Rescue Paramedic hours vary depending on assignment, and extra-help paramedics fill in as needed to provide backfill, vacation and shift relief coverage.


Serving the community since 1850, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office employs over 650 employees to protect and secure the half-million residents within the 1,768 square miles of Sonoma County. With more than 30 different highly-trained and specialized units, you can be confident that a career with the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office will be anything but monotonous.

The Sheriff's OfficeHelicopterUnit was founded in 1974 and currently provides law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue, and medical transport services. Given the size and rugged terrain of the County, the Helicopter Unitis an invaluable asset to Sonoma County residents as well as visitors, and has received national recognition fortheir proficiency in performing complex rescue techniques. The Unit currently responds to an average of 800 missions annually, and performs more rescues than any other single helicopter program in the country.

The HelicopterUnit operates Henry 1, a county-owned Bell 407GXP four bladed, single turbine engine powered helicopter. Henry 1is based at the Charles M. Schultz (Sonoma County Airport) in Santa Rosa and can be flown with a single pilot and configured for up to five passengers or - in the EMS role - three crew members and a patient. The unit consists of a Sergeant (Supervisor), tactical flight officers (Deputies),2 helicopter pilots, andseveral extra-helpparamedics. Henry 1 is typically staffed and on-duty10 hours a day, but crew members carry a pager the remaining 14 hours and will respond for emergency call-outs.

Due to its nationally recognized rescue skills, Henry 1 is occasionally requested for rescues and other emergencies outside of the county where no helicopter program with matching capabilities exists. These services are an asset to both residents and visitors exploring our coast, home-owners threatened by flooding rivers, and victims calling for law enforcement protection. Please visit the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office website and the Helicopter Unit's webpage for more information.


Extra-help employees relieve or augment permanent staff. Intermittent, extra-help employees are not in the classified civil service and do not have property rights to permanently allocated positions. In addition, they do not receive most regular employee benefits such as: long-term disability insurance coverage; accrual of vacation; participation in the County retirement program; or eligibility to take promotional examinations.Intermittent, extra-help employees are limited in their employment to a maximum of 1,380 hours within any twelve month consecutive period. Extra-help employees who meet the eligibility requirements (generally worked 11 consecutive pay periods with a minimum of 440 hours and are scheduled at least 40 hours per pay period) may qualify for aCounty contribution toward medical coverage. This recruitment is being conducted to fill several extra-help, intermittent positions.

Minimum Qualifications

Education & Experience: Any combination of education, training and experience which would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities. Normally, this would include graduation from high school or an acceptable equivalent certificate, two years experience on an Advanced Life Support transport unit as a Paramedic, and at least 400 annual patient contacts prior to the time of appointment.

Certificate: Possession of a valid Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic course completion certificate from a program approved by the California State Emergency Medical Services Authority; and either possession of a standard Local Paramedic Accreditation card issued by Coastal Valleys EMS Agency, or proof of an interim Local Paramedic Accreditation card at the time of appointment.A standard Local Paramedic Accreditation card must be obtained within ninety (90) days of obtaining the interim Local Paramedic Accreditation card.

License:Possession of a valid driver's license at the appropriate level including special endorsements, as required by the State of California, may be required depending upon assignment to perform the essential job functions of the position.

Background Requirement: Incumbents shall not have been convicted of a felony in this state or any other state or in any federal jurisdiction, or of any offense in any other state or in any federal jurisdiction, which would have been a felony If committed in this state, nor be under current formal probation supervision.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Considerable knowledge of: advanced emergency medicine techniques and protocols; medical and trauma emergencies and appropriate treatment; diagnostic signs; applicable State EMS laws and Protocols; basic anatomy and physiology.

Knowledge of: medical, legal, and ethical issues affecting medical providers; mass-casualty incident management; emergency communication techniques; operation of communication equipment; operation of relevant medical equipment; English grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and composition.

Ability to:learn and understand Sonoma County Sheriff's Department operations; learn and comply with applicable County of Sonoma EMS Protocols, and Sheriff's Department policies and procedures; understand and follow professional medical staff instructions and to adapt treatment to individual circumstances; provide advanced life support services to individuals in emergency situations; use appropriate medical equipment; work successfully in a law enforcement environment; learn and perform technical cliff and water rescue procedures; swim comfortably in all Sonoma County waterways, including lakes, rivers, and ocean waters; learn the geography of Sonoma County and its environs; meet and maintain weight limitations not to exceed 210 pounds dressed in flight suit and boots, or as otherwise directed by the Department, to ensure compliance with aircraft maximum weight restrictions; work any shift including days, evening, nights, weekends, and holidays; be on stand-by during off-duty hours as assigned and report to duty within 30 minutes, or as otherwise directed by the Department; refrain from activities which might impair the ability to perform assigned duties while on duty or on stand by; exercise tact and good judgment in dealing with patients, staff and the public; read, write and speak English for successful job performance.

Selection Procedure & Some Helpful Tips When Applying

  • Your application information and your responses to the supplemental questions are evaluated and taken into consideration throughout the entire selection process.
  • You should list all employers and positions held within the last ten years in the work history section of your application and should be as thorough as possible when responding to the supplemental questions.
  • You may include history beyond ten years if related to the position for which you are applying. If you held multiple positions with one employer, list out each position separately.
  • Failure to follow these instructions may impact your competitiveness in this process or may result in disqualification.
Please visit Getting-a-Job with the County of Sonoma to review more detailed information about the hiring process, including the application process, examination steps, and department selection process.
Supplemental Questionnaire Responses Are Required

The supplemental questionnaire is a critical component of your employment application. Responses to supplemental questions may be scored using position-specific criteria. Please provide specific and detailed responses of a reasonable length to allow for thorough assessment of your qualifications. Responses which state "See Resume" or "See Application" may be considered insufficient and therefore may not be scored.

The selection procedure will consist of the following examination:

An Application and Supplemental Questionnaire Appraisal (pass/not pass) will be conducted to evaluate each applicant's combination of educational coursework, training, experience, knowledge, and abilities which relate to this position to ensure satisfaction of the minimum qualifications for this position.Candidates who possess the minimum qualifications for the position will be placed on an extra-help employment list and referred to the department. The department may contact candidates from the employment list who possess the most appropriate job-related qualifications for further consideration.


Being part of the Sheriff's Office and being expected to keep the public safe requires a thorough background investigation process. This process includes an assessment of prior work history, verifying educational experiences, court reports, public records searches, understanding past patterns relating to drug usage, financial patterns, etc. This entails gathering a significant amount of information from job candidates and speaking to former employers, friends, family members, etc. Polygraphs, drug tests, and medical, and physical examinations are also part of this process. Candidates must be honest and forthcoming about information that may arise during the background process. Deception during any portion of this process is grounds for disqualification, even after employment. This process can take anywhere from 3-5 months. Many factors are taken into consideration and one should not assume a credit issue or prior drug use is automatically disqualifying. Candidates will be given the opportunity to present mitigating information they feel should be considered. You are encouraged to be as responsive as possible while this process is taking place to help expedite the timeline, and we encourage you to stay patient and interested in this great career opportunity while this process is taking place.

You may also review the Job Classification Screening Schedule to determine the requirements for this position.

Please read the Sheriff's Office Pre-Employment Drug Use Guidelines for further information.


Applications are accepted on-line at: . Paper applications may be submitted by person, fax (707-565-3770), email, or through the mail. All applications and appropriate supplemental information as outlined in the job bulletin must be RECEIVED by the time and date specified on the first page of this job announcement. Continuous recruitments may close without notice at any time that a sufficient number of qualified applications have been received. Applications received after the recruitment closes will not be accepted.

The County of Sonoma prioritizes and is committed to continuously providing a workplace where equal employment opportunity is afforded to all people.Please view the County's Equal Employment Opportunity Policy for further information.

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