Probation Correctional Officer II

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Probation Correctional Officer II

County of Tulare - HR&D Visalia, California, United States

Job Description:

Probation Correctional Officer II



Multiple vacancies for positions located throughout Tulare County with the Probation Department. This recruitment will establish an employment list to fill current and future vacancies. The anticipated life of the list is six months.


Typical Duties

Supervise and instruct an assigned group of juveniles in various vocational, maintenance and recreational activities; observe, evaluate and report on the conduct, needs, personality, adjustment and progress of inmates; takes security measures such as patrolling, doing bed checks and unscheduled head counts, searching facilities and juveniles for contraband, monitoring phone calls and mail and investigating suspicious persons and vehicles; direct all activities such as recreation, mealtimes and showers; enforce regulations; counsel youth exhibiting behavioral, emotional or school problems; notify proper officials when emergencies occur; supervise and inspect buildings and grounds to maintain cleanliness, order and safety in assigned sections; assist with the admitting, receiving, classifying and releasing procedures; testify in court as necessary; transport juveniles to various outside appointments and activities; write various informational reports such as incident, shift, screening committee and release reports; coordinate inventory, cleaning and supply of clothes and bedding; Answer inquiries and provide information by telephone and in person to the public or other interested parties.

Employment Standards


Minimum qualifications are used as a guide for establishing the education, training, experience, special skills and/or license which are required and equivalent to the following.

Education/Experience: Equivalent to two (2) years of college preferably with major coursework in behavioral or one of the social sciences or criminology OR t wo (2) years of increasingly responsible public contact work; AND one (1) year of recent work experience equivalent to a Probation Correctional Officer I.

Knowledge of: Basic indoor and outdoor recreational activities and games; basic math; basic procedures for detention and supervision of juvenile inmates; cleaning, laundry and maintenance equipment and procedures; dangerous drugs, paraphernalia, and weapons; court procedures for purpose of documenting incidents and testifying; state laws related to the care, detention, and rights of juveniles.

Skill/Ability to: Work and communicate effectively with people of various education and socioeconomic backgrounds by respecting beliefs, interpersonal styles and behaviors of both clients and co-workers; operate contemporary office equipment inclusive of computer, keyboard, and all applicable electronic equipment; observe unusual, suspicious or unsafe situations and activities, and to take appropriate action; recognize unusual, abnormal or atypical behavior; recognize potential problems and assign activities and quarters to minimize them; counsel minors to help resolve personal and interpersonal problems; file numerically and alphabetically; be patient, tactful and courteous in communications with others; read, understand, retain and recall technical information such as laws, regulations and rules; write reports and information legibly and understandable; give and follow written and oral instructions; organize recreational and work activities for participation and task efficiency; assign minors to activities and quarters in a manner which minimizes problems; supervise minors in activities in accordance with facility policies and procedures.

License or Certificate:

Conditions of Employment:

Applicants must be at least 21 years of age at the time of appointment. Prior to employment, applicants must successfully pass a written exam, a medical exam that includes drug and alcohol screening, a psychological evaluation, and a thorough background investigation to determine fitness for the position. Applicants must meet the minimum Peace Officer Standards as defined in California Government Code Sections 1029 and 1031. Applicants must have a reputation of honesty and trustworthiness. A felony conviction will be disqualifying and convictions for misdemeanors and traffic offenses will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The background investigation will include reports from former employers, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, or other relevant sources. As part of the background investigation process, all candidates will be required to submit to a CVSA examination. The CVSA examination is used to verify the veracity and accuracy of information submitted by applicants regarding, but not necessarily limited to: Use of controlled substances, driving, criminal history, employment history, and other suitability factors. Candidates will be fingerprinted by Live Scan as a required part of the background investigation. Each fingerprint is scanned into a computer database at the Department of Justice and checked against criminal records nationwide. Information received may include charges that have been dismissed.

Training: Applicants must have previously completed the Standards of Training for Corrections (STC) core and PC 832 Laws of Arrest.

Visit for information regarding the written examination.

Additional Information

Conditions of Employment:

College Cost Reduction Access Act : This may be a qualifying position for student loan forgiveness through the College Cost Reduction and Access Act (CCRAA). Only student loan payments made after October 1, 2007 and in a qualified repayment plan are eligible. For more information you are encouraged to speak with your student loan service or visit:


Bargaining Unit 12

The information listed is a general summary of benefits. These provisions do not constitute an expressed or implied contract and are subject to change.

Benefit Amount : An annual benefit amount of $3,200 plus 5% of your annual base salary is provided and may be applied towards health insurance premiums(dental, vision, life and long-term disability). This benefit is pro-rated and paid on a pay period basis (24 pay periods).

Health Insurance : A choice of medical plans and dental and vision coverage are available through the Tulare County Corrections Association (TCCA). Waiting periods may apply. Benefit questions should be directed to the TCCA representative at (559) 303-1866 or Olsen-Nelson Insurance at (559) 625-1721. The County does not administer this plan.

Retirement: The retirement plan is a defined benefit plan administered pursuant to the 1937 Act County Employees Retirement Act and integrated with Social Security. In addition to ordinary retirement benefits, the plan provides disability and death benefits. Retirement contributions are made by both the County and the employee. The County has reciprocity with the State of California, contracting PERS agencies, and all County 1937 Act Retirement Systems.

Paid Holiday Leave : 12 set days and one personal holiday

Vacation Accrual:
2 weeks per year (0-3 years of service)
3 weeks per year (3-7 years of service)
4 weeks per year (7-11 years of service)
5 weeks per year (11+ years of service)
Limit of 300 hours.

Sick Leave Accrual: 12 days per year with unlimited accumulation, 48 hours of which may be used toward family sick leave. Sick leave buy back program after 3 years of service.

Group Term Life Insurance and AD&D : $10,000; Provided by Standard Insurance Company.

Long Term Disability Insurance: Employees are covered by State Disability Insurance. The premium is paid by the employee. Provided by Standard Insurance Company.

Deferred Compensation : A voluntary deferred compensation plan is available.

Positions in the classification are subject to Agency Shop, employees of which are required to join the union or pay an equivalent service fee.

To view more detailed descriptions of Tulare County's benefits, please view the Benefits section of our Web site at

The Provisions Of This Bulletin Do Not Constitute An Expressed Or Implied Contract And Are Subject To Change.

Closing Date/Time: Continuous


$50,939.00 - $62,081.00 Annually
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